Summer has passed and the winter months are well on their way. Its this time of year that a lot of hot tub owners have their spa drained, thoroughly cleaned and re-filled ready for use when the frosty nights creep in (and those are the best nights for hot tubbing).
For some owners, this may be their first water change of the season so it is important to get it right first time.

Once you have drained and cleaned your hot tub, make sure you check the filter cartridge to see if it needs replacing. Paper cartridges should be cleaned weekly and replaced once a year (if they are looked after properly)

Disposable cartridges usually last around 4 months, and after the 4 month stage, they should be replaced. *Please note that you cannot use anti-foaming agents or clarifiers with disposable filters. These filters filtrate to 1 micron, so there should be no need for any other agents to help with water clarity or foaming.

Once your hot tub has been filled, allow it to reach its set temperature before adding your chemicals (as they won’t dissolve properly in the cold water).

Its always best to shock the water first by pre-dissolving a 35g pot of one shock and add this mixture to the spa water. Make sure you turn all the pumps on to allow the shock to circulate through all the pipe work.

Once you have added your one shock, don’t use the spa for at least 2 hours, allowing the shock to dissolve. After this time, test the water again to check the chlorine level isn’t too high.

Whilst checking the chlorine level, also check that your PH and Alkalinity are balanced correctly, and adjust accordingly if needed using Adjust up or Adjust down depending on which way you require to go.

Once you have balanced the water its time to jump back in and enjoy the relaxation and therapy your hot tub was designed to provide.

Happy Hot Tubbin!

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