How much will Filters and Chemicals cost each year?

The average cost for chemicals and filters should be around £250 per year. This will of course vary depending on your usage and bather load.

How do I deal with Air Locks?

Whenever you carry out a water change in your hot tub, you could possibly create an airlock whilst filling. Here’s some tips on how to prevent air locks, and deal with them should they arise:


Once your spa is filled and you fire it up, be sure to turn on all the pumps to force out any remaining air. Most pumps come fitted with a bleed line, to help draw out any remaining air from the pump wet end. If a pump is not producing water pressure, but you can hear it running, there may be air still trapped within the wet end or pipe work leading to/from the pump. To help force this through, you simply want to loosen the union connecting the hose to the pump wet end slightly (video below, no reset button on EU pumps) to allow the air to bleed out. Once you have water coming out, the air should be cleared, and you can tighten the union back up.

What should my chemical routine be?

It’s one of the main areas in owning a hot tub, looking after the water but by following these simple guidelines, maintaining crystal clear water should be a breeze:

Which Filters are better? Paper or Disposable?

It always comes down to customer preference, but from a filtering point of view the silver sentinel is far better as a filter.

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