As the summer BBQ and back garden party season approaches, you should be looking at draining, cleaning and refilling your tub to keep impressing guests. 

Simply open your drain on the outside of your cabinet and drain the water away. Once all the water has drained, sponge out (or use a wet/dry vac) the remaining water in the seats and footwell area. Once your spa is relatively dry, use a cloth and Clean and Protectto wipe the acrylic and remove any dirt focusing around the water line and around jets.

Once you’re tub is sparkling you can start to fill it back up by placing a hose in the filter bucket or in the bottom of the spa. This will help to prevent airlocks. Depending on water pressure, this should take a few hours. 

Once your spa is filled, check your PH and Alkalinity levels before applying your chosen sanitizer. If you require any additional chemicals they are available to order from Arctic Outdoorsor in store at your closest Arctic Spa dealer. 

Happy Hot Tubbing from the Arctic Spas Team!

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