The summer is firmly upon us, especially with this gorgeous sunshine we’ve been having.

And with the sun comes more time in the garden.

You can finally start to get out there, dust down the furniture, trim the grass and fire the BBQ and hot tub up ready for use after a busy day.

And two things to note when setting your spa up ready for summer; 1. Make sure your filter is installed, clean and ready for use. 2. Make sure your PH, Alkalinity are balance and you have adequate sanitiser in your water.

For ease of use, we developed disposable cartridges. With a 3 to 4 month lifespan (which is the recommended time for a water change), our Silver Sentinel filters collect more of the finer particles in the water, meaning it stays clearer for longer.

Testing your water regularly means you’re on top of any fluctuations that may occur with your sanitizer, PH or Alkalinity. Bear in mind that with the sunshine coming down on your hot tub, the sanitizer will burn off faster, so be sure to have it adequately topped up, whether using tablet, granules or salt-based sanitizer.

So, if you’re getting your spa ready for its first summer, or its 20th, and you have any questions or queries with setting it up, then don’t hesitate to contact us.

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