Add the finishing touch with a total 4-tier stair package. Side, end, and corner units all designed especially for the mother of all spas, the Arctic Ocean!

Our 4-tier steps add ease of access to and from your Arctic Ocean Swim Spa. The dimensions are 183 cm long x 65 cm tall (72″ x 25.5″). To be used with the Arctic Ocean Swim spa.

Corner Step 3-Tier Cedar

The 3-tier corner step is the perfect wrap-around companion for our 3-tier steps. The curved corner unit adds a sleek, finished look, while providing the ideal space to complement your spa with foliage.

Corner Step 2-Tier Cedar

2 tier hot tub step.

This 36inch step provides six cubic feet of storage space for towels, toys, or accessories and can double as a beverage cooler. It also makes a convenient cool down bench seat.

Climb your way up in the spa world with these solid 3-tier entry steps! Available in a variety of widths (36inch, 64inch and 72inch) to suit all of our spas, each step is approximately 8 inches high with 11inch treads.