Bromine Tabs

Refresh Granular For chlorine or bromine spas – These chlorine free shock granules are ideal for regular oxidisation of pool or spa water. They are suitable for pools and spas running on chlorine or bromine.

Onzen Bromine Salt Use with bromine electrolysis Granular – Onzen Bromine Salt is designed to boost bromine levels in hot tubs for ongoing activation through use of complimentary oxidisers, or via bromine generator electrolysis units (e.g. in.clear) that convert bromide into hydrobromite solutions.

Small Chlorine Tabs

Biofilm Destroyer Powerful spa pipework cleaner Removes biofilm 10 x 20g tablet service pack – Warm hot tub water can provide the ideal breeding ground for bacterial growth. As this begins to attach to spa pipework and surfaces, biofilm can begin to form. Biofilm is extremely resistant against chlorine and can harbour bacteria and other pathogens. Arctic Spas Biofilm Destroyer is a highly effective cleansing agent that penetrates the biofilm and helps remove the bacteria.

Boost Granules Granular Little effect on pH UV protected (stabilised) – These stabilised chlorine granules are ideal for daily dosing of your spa, to produce free active chlorine which kills bacteria and other potentially harmful organisms. They are rapid dissolving and have minimal impact on pH.

Small Chlorine Tabs