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Keep your hot tub primed for every season, from sunny summers to cozy winter evenings.

Whats Included

Our exclusive £300.00 service package, inclusive of VAT, encompasses a comprehensive check of your spa’s components and performance.

Service Highlights

  • Pipe Flush

    Our technician will treat your spa or All Weather Pool with our Arctic Spa Pipe Flush before draining. This process thoroughly cleans chemical deposits in pipes, hoses, and PVC fittings, ensuring smooth water flow for a superior hydrotherapy massage.

  • Filter Maintenance

    We inspect and clean your filters to guarantee efficient water flow and filtration, vital for a clean and safe spa environment.

  • Component Assessment

    Every electrical component is tested, including the heater, LED lighting, and salt systems, to confirm they’re working to their optimal capacity.

  • Pump Inspection

    We ensure your pumps are delivering the deep tissue hydro-massage Arctic Spas are renowned for by checking their performance and efficiency.

  • Jetting System Check

    All jets are inspected for proper water and air distribution, a key aspect of our leading hydrotherapy experience.

  • Software Updates

    We’ll update your spa with the latest programming to keep it running smoothly.

  • Deep Cleaning

    A thorough cleansing of your spa’s surface after draining ensures a pristine environment for your next use.

Bolt-On Service Options

Customize Your Service: Tailor your maintenance with our bolt-on services, designed to fit the unique features of your spa.

  • Cedar Cabinet & Step Staining


  • Mylovac/Polar CoverWash, Rinse and Protect (Exterior Only)


  • Basic Winterisation (if you’re planning a trip or shutting down your spa)


Winterisation Service for 2023

Our Arctic Spas are engineered for the cold, boasting low running costs even in winter. For those who prefer to winterize, our technicians will expertly prepare your spa for the colder months.

Winterisation Service: £199.00 inc VAT 

*Mileage charges may apply.