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Earn points with every chemical, filter & accessory
purchase on Arctic Outdoors.

How it works?

When you purchase something on Arctic Outdoors you will automatically earn points on your purchase. You earn 1 point for every £1 that is spent. Accumulated points can then be redeemed at the checkout when you make your next, or future, purchases.

Where can I see my points?

Log in to ‘My Account’ and you’ll see a menu. Click on ‘Arctic Points’ to see you latest balance of your points available. You can also click on the ‘Points Log’ to see when you earnt or spent your last points.


NB. Points only valid on purchases completed after 03/04/2021

How do I spend my points?

You can choose at the checkout to either make your purchase as normal or redeem your points, either partially or in full, against your purchase.

At the top of the screen you’ll see a section where you can ‘APPLY POINTS’. Simply type in the box how many points you’d like to spend on your purchase and the checkout will be adjusted accordingly.

Has it worked properly on checkout?

Upon entering your points number in the ‘APPLY POINTS’ section and then clicking on the APPLY POINTS button, a discount will be applied to your cart. If, for example, you enter 1000 points you will have £10.00 deducted from your purchase.  The total shown on the checkout includes your discount. The picture shows an example purchase using 1000 points (£10.00) redeemed.